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Our patient testimonials

Dr. Steve De Young has been our family orthopedist for as long as we can remember! He has treated us with kindness and gentle concern through our children’s athletic mishaps and the aches and pains of aging. We go to him with all of our orthopedic problems, knowing that we will receive his undivided attention and thoughtful recommendations as to the proper course of action for whatever ails us. We recommend him to our friends without hesitation because we know he will give them the best of care.


-Dana Meadows

“Thank you very much for the time you have spent with Susan and me to explain the situation I’ve experienced with my shoulder after the accident I was in last month. After spending a week in the hospital for my deflated lung and broken ribs it’s amazing to me that no one in the hospital diagnosed my broken collar bone until my office visit with you this week. It was refreshing to visit a Doctor who took the time to explain my condition with x-rays, models and medical texts and did not rush through an examination to get me out the door in order to get to the next patient. Your professionalism in diagnosing my problem and explaining the treatment put me at ease after a very traumatic month that I’ve experienced with hospital and doctor visits.”


One again, thank you very much for your excellent care.


Yours Truly,

-Bruce Heather

“I’d heard about your great reputation as a doctor from several of our mutual neighbors but didn’t have cause to visit you until December of 2010. I injured my ankle on the weekend and visited a minor emergency clinic in Sugar Land. The doctor at the clinic diagnosed a broken bone in my foot, put me on crutches and in a soft cast, and recommended that I see an orthopedic specialist.


Your office staff worked me into the schedule the next day, and you diagnosed a sprain, but noticed an old injury to my ankle and told me I needed to walk on the ankle to keep it supple, with no cast or boot necessary. I thought I’d be leaving in a cast, and it was great news, indeed? My recovery was quick following the visit, and every so often you’d stop me in the neighborhood as I walked my dogs and asked how the foot was progressing.


I appreciated your more conservative approach to treatment and the time you took to explain my diagnosis. It seemed that your experience made the difference toward a proper diagnosis. Thank you so much!”



-Karla J. Vesey

“Thank you so much for being a great, compassionate, brilliant doctor. Your willingness to get “outside the box” has made a huge difference in my mother’s life. Had you not willingly ordered the blood work, (the right blood work) there is a strong possibility that Mom would have lost her eyesight. Your insight that all of her symptoms were probably related was right on the money. We are very grateful that you talked to us until you fully understood her symptoms and how this disease had affected her from the onset. Realizing this is not something you would normally see or treat in your field makes it even more amazing that you are the one that ordered the tests to get her on the road to recovery. We have seen several specialists that treat Temporal Arteritis and when I brag to them what a wonderful doctor you are, they always respond with “What?, he’s an Orthopedic Surgeon? Wow, he must be a great doctor”. I tell them, “He sure is”. Several of them have told me that you probably saved her from going blind. I know a lot of people wonder if they have had an impact on someone else’s life and I can tell you that you have had an enormous impact on my Mom’s life. Our whole family knows that and is very grateful to you. Thank you again, you are a great man.”



-John Otell

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